Death Support

 The family business is dying.

Death is a big job, but someone has to do it. It’s too much for one being, and that’s why Death has a family to help her.

The family business is dying, and that’s why Death and her sisters look over all of humanity. They prepare souls to die in various ways. The balance must be maintained in the Book of Souls, and the sisters work to prevent Forced Soul Removal. Sister Love uses a gentle touch to usher souls to the afterlife. Sister Hate uses violence and torture when preparing the worst souls to move on in The Process. Sister Karma uses an approach that uses all techniques. Iosis, aka Death, is always there at the end.

While their business has run unnoticed for centuries, there is a change in society that has some humans asking questions. Those with “second sight” are now spotting the sisters at times, and the secrets of the souls are at risk of being widely known. The sisters must hide their secrets from humanity – and each other – while carrying out the most important job in the universe.