Being immortal is a problem.
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Suimmortal is the ultimate death dealer, yet he cannot die himself – yet. Both suicidal and immortal, Suimmortal has been searching for ways to end his life for hundreds of years. Now that his time may be up, he finds himself wanting to hold on a little longer. Learning to save himself while he saves the world, Suimmortal has come to love life through death.

Cursed to live as many lives as he’s taken, Suimmortal was Japan’s greatest assassin in the Feudal Period centuries ago. His take-no-prisoners approach makes him a fan favorite. In our universe, the new sports are superheroes who hunt criminals. Fans love Suimmortal, but it’s too bad he doesn’t love himself. His hunts, where he plays judge, jury, and executioner are the number one show on all streaming platforms.

With the whole world watching, Suimmortal deals with his constant depression while also unraveling the mystery behind his accursed immortality. There is one thing Suimmortal learns that keeps him hanging on, while his countdown has begun. Will he find out the truth before it’s all over? Find out in the pages of Suimmortal.