Terminally Kill

Would you kill to live? The CIA would like to know.

Would you kill someone to live longer yourself? If so, the CIA would like a word with you. You’re one shot away from living the life of a secret agent, but the contract must be fulfilled or else those you care about will suffer. Would you bet on yourself one last time?

Terminally Kill is a government program that can extend a person’s life, but there is a catch. What if death came for you at the wrong time, could you kill to live? Could you put death on hold to see your loved ones grow? Could you hide an unbelievable secret from your family, so they don’t get caught in your second life?

This is a story about choices. Sometimes making the right choice is a difficult one, and not everyone makes the right choice all the time. It’s difficult to think with a clear head when you’re on your death bed. That makes you an easy target for a black ops program that few know about, which then gives you targets and deadlines you must hit.