Ghost Gun

Don't give up the Ghost.

Imagine waking up in a world at war with no prior knowledge of how you got there. Now imagine your community looks up to you as a leader, a hero, and a savior. Imagine not knowing who you are or where your powers come from. Finally, imagine not knowing how far you’ll go to protect yourself and those you love.

Ghost Gun is the leader of the GunDisciplined. After a nuclear war wiped out most of humanity, the United States government built dome cities for the remnants of society. These citizens are alive, but they are essentially prisoners of the government with hardly any freedoms of the past. Somehow, GG found herself on the outside of the domes looking in. On the outside reside The Unchosen, the people who the government now hunts down with robots and drone armies.

GG is sweet and kind to her community, but to the government and the politicians inside the dome cities she is public enemy number one. She’s trying to protect her people from drones, robots, human hunters, and mutants. She’s also trying to make a home for her people in a nuclear wasteland. Through her battles, GG will discover the secret behind the nuclear war that nobody inside the domes has any knowledge of – and this knowledge could kill her.