The Familiars

Be yourself... no matter what.

You’ve got to be yourself, no matter what anyone (or society) says. Set in the time of the Salem Witch Trials, The Familiars is a story about a young dog named ZZ who feels more at home with the cats. Dogs are used as hunters for the Inquisitors in the city government, while cats are partnered with the Witches who want solace in nature.

ZZ is a small pug who has befriended a cat named Katana. This frustrates ZZ’s dad Buck as pugs are already not seen as good hunters and Buck has spent his whole life trying to impress a German Shepherd named Sarge, the top hunter in their ranks. ZZ is an embarrassment to his family merely because of his desire to play with the cats.

Betraying his father, ZZ runs away from home and discovers a magical world in nature with the cats and the Witches. He discovers himself and a new way of life while also learning the secret the government has for ruling the land outside the city walls. ZZ fights to find peace between his old way of life and his new friends who have embraced him like family.