Control your soul's desire for freedom.

This is a story of survival at any cost. After nuclear war wiped out most of humanity, the United States government quickly built dome cities for the remains of society to live in. The domes offer protection from the radiation, the fallout, and the nuclear storms but that protection comes with a price – freedom. There are many people who were not chosen to live in the dome cities because of their social credit score. These Unchosen are classified as Enemy Combatants of America and they call themselves the GunDisciplined.

Robots are sent to hunt humans outside the dome cities. The GunDisciplined are left to fend for themselves, looking for survivors and supplies while rummaging through a nuclear wasteland. Armed with the weapons they can find, they try to give themselves a fighting chance against the army of drones, robot dogs, and mutated humans that somehow survived in this nuclear hell.

From their darkest days, a mysterious leader of The GunDisciplined emerges known only as the Ghost Gun. She takes on a mythical persona for the Unchosen who are clinging on to what little hope for humanity is left. GG fights for freedom while also fighting the rage inside her trying to find out who she is and why she has powers others don’t.