Refund Policy


Order cancellations prior to items being shipped may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.  

Cancellations/Returns for items that have shipped will not be accepted. 

Cancellations/Returns for Auction items will not be allowed.

DISCLAIMER:  Our store is purchasing these items from our distributor in good faith that you, the customer will maintain your agreement of purchase.  Please be aware, before you decide to purchase your items, that you are accepting the price/arrival time and that the sale is FINAL.  Cancellation of any orders may result in the suspension of future purchases.  From our position, understand that if a cancellation of a preorder item is made, after our orders have been placed with our distributor, then we are left with a product at our expense which is unacceptable.  Please contact us prior to making any cancellations, to verify if your request for cancellation meets the Final Cutoff Date.

In the case of damaged items/errors, please contact us at within 48 hours of receiving your shipment.

*Printer burns or loss of ink are not considered damaged.

*Raw books are guaranteed NM- 9.2 or better unless otherwise stated.  We always hope for 9.8's but 9.8s are not guaranteed unless it's an already-graded comic.

Items will be shipped within 3-14 business days after arriving at our facility.  Orders will begin to ship when the last item in your order has arrived at our facility.  If you have preordered items in your order, the order will not ship until the last item has arrived at our facility.
Please order items separately, or email us in regards to shipping requests/adding insurance.
All comics will be bagged and boarded.  Comics will be shipped in a Gemini mailer. Bulk orders will be shipped in a box.  


Smokin Gun Comics has a really good track record with prescreening comics.  When a comic is offered for sale as a pre-screen, only 9.8 candidates are sent in and a healthy margin of extras are sent in to ensure all pre-orders can be fulfilled.  To date, Smokin Gun Comics has never had to issue a refund for a pre-order CGC item because it was rejected.  That said, there are many factors that come into play including damage during shipping to or at CGC's facilities.  In the event that not enough CGC 9.8s come back to fill orders, orders will be served in the order they were received first, and then full refunds to those orders which cannot be filled.  


CGC Turn times

All CGC turn times listed on their website are only estimates and not guaranteed.  Since CGC can't guarantee turn times, neither can Smokin Gun Comics.  All listed turn times on this site are estimates and are not guaranteed.  Smokin Gun Comics lists conservative turn times based on information available at the time of the listing to avoid disappointment as much as possible.


All holders are inspected for damage prior to fulfillment.  Minor flaws in the outer plastic holder and the interior plastic well are considered acceptable.  In the event a significant flaw is present, Smokin Gun Comics will request photos of the perceived damage and will at its sole discretion decide whether or not to replace it at the expense of Smokin Gun Comics.  If the claimed damage in the case is not considered major, Smokin Gun Comics may refuse the return or offer to exchange with shipping at the customer's expense.  Minor and significant damage is subjective, just like the nature of comic grading.  The "reasonable person" standard is applied.

Newton rings may be present in CGC cases.  Newton rings are when the plastic of the inner well comes into contact with the plastic of the outer case, creating an oily look to varying degrees.  CGC has yet to fix this problem and even when we send books back because of newton rings, they very often come back in new cases with new newton rings.  Therefore we can't promise there won't be newton rings.

*****The images shown are stock images from the publisher.  The release date and cover images are subject to change by the publisher at any time.*****

Terminally Kill Cover

Terminally Kill